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Weatherdek offers a full line of Waterproof Vinyl Deck membranes in a variety of attractive colours, patterns, textures and thicknesses to provide the best solution for your deck.

The first step in choosing the right product for your new deck is to consider what it's going to be used for. On our Products Page there is a list of Weatherdek Products with a brief description of their intended uses to help you make an informed decision as to what Weatherdek products are right for your deck.
Weatherdek is a sheet vinyl membrane used to waterproof walkways, landings, decks, stairways, roof decks, pool areas, entry ways, sauna and hot tub areas, patios, etc.

Weatherdek membranes are glued to a prepared surface and heat welded at the joints. Perimeters are fastened to ensure a long lasting finish. Weatherdek eliminates the need for repainting or restaining and removes such irritants as wood splinters, nailheads and unsightly cracks. The embossed texture provides a skid resistant surface for secure footing.

Ongoing quality control testing ensures Weatherdek meets strict standards for fire ratings, mildew inhibitors, ultra violet and heat stabilizers.

Weatherdek provides the comfort of knowing any surface that it is applied to will be waterproof, thus creating dry usable space underneath.
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