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Weatherdek Waterproof Vinyl Walking Surfaces and your local Authorized Weatherdek Dealer, Contact us at:

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Ilderton, Ontario    N0M 2A0
Phone: (519) 666-2073
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Toll Free: 1-877-922-4522
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600 Adams Road
Kelowna, British Columbia     V1X 7S1
Phone: (250) 765-5575
Fax: (250) 765-5548
Toll Free: 1-800-667-2596
Cleaning a Weatherdek surface is easy!  Weatherdek is best cleaned using a mild soap and water solution (common dish soaps are fine), gently scrub the deck using soft bristled brush and then rinse the deck thoroughly with a garden hose to ensure you don't leave a soap film on the deck surface.  For further information please refer to our 'Care and Cleaning' page.
How do I clean my Weatherdek Surface?
Other than cleaning your deck the only maintenance you have to complete is an annual inspection of the caulking used to seal around post, pillars, corners, vents and drains. Sometimes due to the shifting or settling of the deck structure these sealants may break free and become ineffective guarding against moisture penetration. Yearly inspection will uncover any such problems and your WEATHERDEK dealer can supply you with the proper caulkings to repair such problems.
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